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Thread: just some pen pics from time to time...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jon Szanto View Post
    The last 2 months have been unusually fruitful on the pen hunt, worthy of a quick windowsill photo. Items have popped up when I least expected, and some auctions fell my way. It also somehow came about evoking a (somewhat) common palette. From left-to-right:

    1. Platinum 3776 in tortoiseshell celluloid, with 18k nib (Japan, early 1990s)
    2. Edacoto in mottled hard rubber (MHR) (France, mid-1930s)
    3. Sheaffer Balance, short standard in Rose Glow celluloid (US, 1936-37)
    4. Moore in less-common 'rose' lined celluloid (US, 1940s)
    5. Parker Victory Mk1, NOS (UK, 1940s)
    6. Parker Victory Mk1 in rose/pink and black celluloid (UK, 1940s)
    7. Parker Deluxe Challenger, demi, in burgundy and black (US, late 1930s)
    8. Parker Victory, demi, lined rose/silver/burgundy (UK, 1940s)
    9.Cascade, grey marbled celluloid w/ silver/burgundy stripes (US, 1930s-40s?)
    10. Franklin-Christoph Model 20 in LE Earthstone acrylic (US, 2020 or so)
    Nice assortment you got there!
    Edacoto and Parker Victory got my attention.

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