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Thread: The Sheaffers at Janesville

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    Default Re: The Sheaffers at Janesville

    Quote Originally Posted by Pendict View Post
    Hi there.

    Any deliberation that seeks some agree should be based on respect among the participants and also a respect for the rules of a legitimate debate.

    Constantly appealing to argumentative fallacies forces to suspect ignorance or ill will.

    Now is the Tu quoque argument repetitively and boring full expressed.

    How important is who I am, think or have done, against the fact that someone was criticized for using stolen images from the internet and the contradiction that in a satirical thread against that person, it begins with an image from a well-known contemporary artist, not identified and additionally altered?

    Furthermore that the questioned threads have been deleted and the sarcastic sense of humor in this mess is increasingly unintelligible.

    When enough is enough?

    Best regards.

    For those whose ego requires it, I want to formally declare that my fountain pen is no bigger or nicer than none.
    You're evading.

    People evade when they are fearful of the consequences of giving a direct and honest answer.

    Don't be afraid. Accept the consequences. Give an honest and direct answer:

    What's your opinion of Ramon's applying his own copyright label to a photograph that was taken by, copyrighted by, and is owned by someone else?

    Each evasion deepens your hypocrisy.

    “Every discussion which is made from an egoistic standpoint is corrupted from the start and cannot yield an absolutely sure conclusion. The ego puts its own interest first and twists every argument, word, even fact to suit that interest.”
    ― Paul Brunton, The Notebooks of Paul Brunton

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    Default Re: The Sheaffers at Janesville

    Quote Originally Posted by azkid View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by pajaro View Post
    Must be something in the air.
    More like something in the water...
    No, here in Canada it is definitely in the air. I can smell it right now.

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    Default Re: The Sheaffers at Janesville

    Well I like the dinosaurs, anyway. In fact, I started researching dinosaurs and Sheaffers, and unearthed this remarkable bit of unassailable evidence.
    Notice that the club he is holding in his right hand is a giant Sheaffer's clip. Wow!

    Quid rides? Mutato nomine de te fabula narratur. — Horace
    (What are you laughing at? Just change the name and the joke’s on you.)

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