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Thread: Disposition of Threads from Banned Thief with Multi-Aliases

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    Default Disposition of Threads from Banned Thief with Multi-Aliases

    Update: The threads in question have been deleted and the poll is now moot.

    Alas, I cannot edit or delete the poll. Thanks for your interest, and thank you Eric!

    John Doe, a/k/a "Lazard," a/k/a "Ramon Campos," a/k/a "C.Menuat" has been posting pretty stolen images and interesting plagiarized articles in this and other forums for years. Some were even purloined from our fellow Geeks whose protests have been ignored by Mr. Doe.

    Should the threads be wholly:
    1. Kept to exploit the goodies despite their dishonest origin, or
    2. Deleted to respect fellow Geeks' rights despite losing the pretty pictures?
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    Default Re: Disposition of Threads from Banned Thief with Multi-Aliases

    It seems hypocritical to complain that they are all dishonest and/or plagiarised, then say we should keep them anyway. I voted on here to delete them and am pleased to see they have already been deleted.
    Also, it's probably legally unwise to have stolen and/or plagiarised text and images openly viewable on a forum, when you are, and have been made, aware that they are stolen or plagiarised.
    The threads themselves became more and more argumentative as time went by, and there came a point where there was nothing else in New Posts for members to read.
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