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Thread: Why buy a new pen?

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    I like to buy used pens, because they cost less. I pay attention to the condition. Any more I am only buying pens for parts I can cannibalize.

    I do not rotate pens. I keep the same six pens out on the logs I keep, one Parker 51 M, three Montblanc 144s, EF, F and M, one Lamy 2000 EF and a Sheaffer Imperial Dolphin EF. I can't be bothered any more with the other pens.

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    Default Re: Why buy a new pen?

    I look for old pens I can repair, that fit me, and that have a nib in the fine or medium range. I'm looking for: I can repair it; condition; nib type/size; it's attractive. If I end up not liking the pen as much as my others, I'll usually sell it at a break-even point. I'm an accumulator of old pens. I have a "collection" in that I usually look for Sheaffer pens, sometimes Pelikans as well. If you're looking to make good money, look elsewhere. But repairing the pens gives me an indoor hobby for bad weather times, and I use my break-even proceeds to get another old pen I might like better. It's not a high-volume thing, more a once-in-awhile type thing when I spot something I particularly like.
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