I just acquired a 1947-ish Elmo 211B in slightly sad condition. Has anyone ever seen one? I have scoured the web and only found the Montegrappa 211B, which would have been the deluxe version. The pen has a perfectly working piston (denoted by the middle '1' in the model number) and almost all Elmos and even Montegrappas of the epoch are button-fillers. Unfortunately the nib has been replaced by a US Howard Hunt VERI SMOOTH steel item and the clip is missing and the tiny blue 'jewel' that would have held it in place is broken. The 'jewel' at the end of the barrel is in place, however.

I have cleaned the hand-polished the pen but am now at a loss as to what to do with it. Any suggestions, please?

The last image shows the transparent section well.