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Thread: Noodler's Ahab Blue Lapis Inferno

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    Default Noodler's Ahab Blue Lapis Inferno

    Hi guys!

    I have a Noodlerís Ahab in Blue Lapis inferno, bought from Luxpen earlier this year.
    It dries up quite fast and might require some priming at the start of each writing session, but other than that it writes nicely. The nib will flex, but the feed wonít keep up and youíll get railroading if you try something too fancy. I was told this can be fixed, but I didnít bother too much as I have another pen that can do the job.

    I hope someone else will find more joy in this pen. Please message me or write below if you want it, Iíll give it to you for free if itís not too pricy to send to your location. In that case, I might ask for some compensation for the postage.

    To be shipped from Israel or Sweden.


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