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Will attend my first pen show this week too.... looking forward to taking it all in.
Well, that right there is going to be a huge step in the right direction. Focus on the pens themselves, not the "building of a collection". It seems like in recent years, new pen folks are putting a premium on how many pens they can amass, and then a while down the road find that they have a big collection of not particularly special pens. Get to know the pens, the eras, the models, and slowly start deciding what you'd like to make part of your life. I think most of us over-buy at first, but take your time and focus on value rather than volume.

If it's the Dallas Show, be sure to look for Will Gunadi, who will give you a lot of assistance!
On the subject of getting to know the pens, did you find out any more about that Moore pen I put your way?