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Thread: Pen making update 33: Kitless guides and orange pens.

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    Default Pen making update 33: Kitless guides and orange pens.

    * Pen making

    So the biggest new is that I have actually started the kitless pen making guide that I have been writing, I have put up the first part of it which deals with some basic preamble and then turning a square blank to a round blank. I am not sure how long this will take me but hopefully it won’t be too long. Hopefully you enjoy reading it and find it useful.

    Here it is

    Last week I sorted through my blanks and I posted on instagram the left over ones and asked people to pick the ugliest combination and I would make a pen from it. Here were the choices I want to know what you guys think? It is a close race so far so let’s see what you guys have to say.

    I have made some pens this week. I have finished off the barrel I made for a clients pen. I have made an orange pen , I seem to be going through an orange phase at the moment, that one was picked up pretty sharpish. This weekend though I am working on a red and black pen. It is going to look great as I have worked with these blanks before and they are great .

    * Workshop

    I have put up a secondary workbench in the workshop, it’s not as stable as the lathe bench but it doesn’t need to be. Also I have found I have the cutest workshop helper when I am making pens, might have to get her safety specs if it happens more often.
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    Default Re: Pen making update 33: Kitless guides and orange pens.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge! I keep thinking about giving pen turning a try... this will help!

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    Default Re: Pen making update 33: Kitless guides and orange pens.

    That's a great start and most helpful as I am about to embark on this first step with squared blanks soon.

    I have no idea which combo would be most gruesome but I don't think you can pick any 2 and go wrong—or, right? Each on their own are great but mixing? Eek.
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