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Thread: Which way to go?

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    Default Re: Which way to go?

    My brain is wired to be a generalist and I have fully embraced that. I follow whatever I am interested in and curious about because ultimately I like exploring and learning best. That's what makes _me_ happiest and most comfortable in life. (Fixing things comes in 2nd)

    Lately I've been interested in stub/italic/relief type nibs so I've tried several and have come across some really nice writers.

    Usually my exploration is fueled by pics and dicussions of pens that look interesting, or by pens I like at local pen meets. My quest for a Vacumatic came from pics and discussions as well as from trying one at a meet.

    I guess it comes down to determining what gives one joy and then doing that in everything.

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    Default Re: Which way to go?

    Quote Originally Posted by Empty_of_Clouds View Post
    Firstly, just a quick update on my health. I am significantly better this week and am back at work full time. Still coughing a bit, but that should go soon, and I can get back to being more active!

    Many thanks to those who offered support, advice and well-wishing. I have been poor in communicating my thanks, so am doing so now. It was really, really appreciated.

    Right, pen stuff.

    How does one decide on a direction to take when one is at heart something of a generalist?

    Of late I have been able to give away 5 more pens (an Evan's 200, two English Duofolds, a Bexley Prometheus in a rare material, and a Parker 51 Vac). As can be seen, there is no pattern to the models chosen. Really, it just looks like a random selection of pens. The ones I have left are modern (Pilots 823, 912, Decimo; Lamy 2K; and two custom made pens) and a single vintage pen (Waterman 52). Again, there is no obvious pattern or point of commonality here.

    So, how does one conduct a hobby when there is no focus? I'm stumped.

    Of course I could talk about my lost custom pen, the Ghost Koi. Though that also wouldn't represent a direction.

    The thing is I am not particularly drawn to any specific types of pens - looks wise. As a result I tend to dither, looking first at one thing then another and unable to decide on anything. Ultimately, more so earlier less so now, buying without proper thought. That is not a good use of my finances, of course, and has now stopped.

    Even in terms of nibs I cannot settle on one thing. Fine nibs are great for note-taking, but not all that much fun for long letter writing. Stubs and italics are the opposite of this (for me).

    So, I am interested in what drew you into collecting certain things.
    Glad to hear you're feeling better, EOC!

    I never had a focus. Still don't, but lots and lots of fun. I feel like an 11-year-old with a giant piggy bank!

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    Default Re: Which way to go?

    Quote Originally Posted by Empty_of_Clouds View Post

    Your posts nearly always make me laugh!

    Do you know how hard that is without emoticons?!

    Super hard.

    To Miasto

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    Default Re: Which way to go?

    I come from woodworking, and the selection and fine tuning of tools is programmed in to me at this point in my life. Pens are just... more tools. But I dork out about my tools, and so too my pens. And, compared to mahogany dye, ink stained fingers are a piffle.

    I once discovered that gel pens didnít bleed like rollerballs on the copier paper forms at work. Ten years later, my work pen is a gold nibbed Pilot running Diamine Registrars - you know, it doesnít bleed either. I have just purchased my first oblique nib (old Pelikan 120!) and I am treading into vintage bladder fillers. I block print, so flex nibs are lost on me. Even so, Iím not bored yet.

    Where do I go from here? I go on. This week I resharpened my patternmakers chisels, purchased 30 years ago and still invaluable for (maybe) 2% of my work, a specialized tool. Tomorrow I want to sort out a PenBBS 266 that hard starts. It wasnít about the chisels, but about the wood that they cut. The pen just writes because I have something to write, and that keeps going.

    Get Well!

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    Default Re: Which way to go?

    I am enjoying introducing others to the use of fountain pens and restoring Esterbrook pens for them.

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    Default Re: Which way to go?

    Glad you're up and about again E_o_C, and feeling better. Saw your post about your Parker 51 set -- you definitely scored!

    For the past two weeks I've been pretty sick with bronchitis on top of COPD, but seem to finally be turning the corner.

    I've thought about my own relationship to the acquisition of pens and certain other items that collectors collect, and whether it's pens, coins, Wile E. Coyote memorabilia or old books or anything else, I see and I want and I get if I can afford, because I want. I don't consciously "collect," and I see pens in particular as beautiful tools. I get them to use, and if I don't use them I sell them or give them away. I might get one pen because it's gorgeous, and another because it writes so well, or has a type of nib that I need for a particular use. Also certain brands have a mystique about them that calls to me.
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