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Thread: Platinum Izumo Maki-e Sumiko Tiger and Bamboo

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    Default Platinum Izumo Maki-e Sumiko Tiger and Bamboo

    For sale is a Platinum Izumo Shikkoku Chikuringunkozu (Tiger in the Bamboo Forest) Fountain Pen with an F nib. This is a limited edition of 600 pen that is part of a series launched in 2010. This pen was from 2017. Based on the Izumo platform, it is a big pen withth typical reliable Platinum President nib, but in a dark ruthenium plating. The nib is an F. The pen comes in a fancy box with a limited edition matching converter. I am missing the ink that came with the pen originally and the outer box is a bit smashed from storage. Otherwise it has been inked once but you would be hard pressed to tell.

    Here is the Platinum website on the pen:

    As far as I know the pen is sold out. It was $1600 list when new. I am asking $950 to accommodate for the condition of the box and missing ink and the limited use. Price includes shipping in the US. International is extra but possible after discussion.

    Questions are welcomed but do not hold the pen if a firm offer comes in after your question. You can PM me here or email me at I'm happy to take more photos or give more specifics as I believe in full transparency on condition so you know what you are getting.

    Thank you for looking.
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