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Thread: "Elegant"vintage FP unknown maker?

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    Default "Elegant"vintage FP unknown maker?

    Hello from snowy Milwaukee's Halloween
    Hoping the expertise here will help me solve this mystery pen. Picked it up at a local rummage sale for $7, cleaned and filled it. Nib seems a little scratchy, but it is a fine nib (I believe), and I haven't tried tuning it yet. Writes fairly nicely otherwise!
    I'm assuming from it's basic quality that it is probably a 2nd or 3rd tier pen, but I have not been able to identify it or find any others matching it!
    Here are a few rudimentary images. It seems to be a marbled celluloid barrel style, with an aerometric filler system. The arrow pocket clip is slightly bent away from the body; I don't know if the clip style indicates a Parker. The marking on the metal filler button says "Trade Mark/ELEGANT/Made in Japan" (Eeek?). The nib is also marked "Elegant"; with a "W" inside a soft 5-point star, and "Special" with a number "3" inside brackets (?) just into the section.
    Any of you experts run across this before, or hazard an educated guess? Maker & age?
    Mucho Thanks!
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    Default Re: "Elegant"vintage FP unknown maker?

    I think you are on the right track that it is a minor brand of Japanese pen. If web searching and crowd-sourcing info doesn't yield much, you might want to look at Andreas Lambrou's "Fountain Pens of Japan", or ask someone who has one if there is anything in there. In his other big book on the entire world, the section on Japan does not list this pen. I'll also send a note to a friend who is quite knowledgable on Japanese pens to see if he might know anything.
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    Default Re: "Elegant"vintage FP unknown maker?

    I agree that the clip certainly suggests a Parker clone.
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    Default Re: "Elegant"vintage FP unknown maker?

    So far we have a Parker clip and a Parker aerometric filler. I have 2 pens that have the same heart shaped nib holes. One is a Burnham, the other is an Onoto. Judging by the length from the shoulders to the tip I would think it that might be quite a springy/flexy nib. Not very helpful, but I'm curious to find out where this ends up.


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