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I am deep in a romance with my 2 Yard-o-Leds. DEEP!
I've been polishing them with a blue cloth for silver tarnish removing. One I cleaned with Wright's Silver Cream, which is very gentle and I use it for a lot of the silver I have. It seems in reading the pen forums that the cloth and cream are discouraged.
Is there a reason?
The cloth rubbing is very gentle and actually relaxing while I'm driving, although I may look like a perv to passing cars.
The cream is more of a pain but I do make sure it all stays on the outside.
Is there any problem with these? I like a slight tarnished patina, especially with the Victorian pattern, but it and the barleycorn look almost liquid when they're completely tarnish free.
Any advice is appeciated.
That's a whole new type of distracted driving, sjssf.