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Thread: Little tweaks

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    Default Little tweaks

    I always hated the Platinum converters. They get sticky, after a while. I had one that actually unscrewed itself, because the piston was so stiff it was easier for the top to unscrew than the piston to move! Fortunately I was only flushing it at the time...

    And then someone advised me to strip them down, and add a tiny dab of silicone grease to the seal. I no longer hate and fear the Platinum converter. It made such a big difference and it was such an easy tweak. (Also, a no-risk tweak. You're not going to break anything doing this.)


    Do other geeks have their favourite easy little tweaks for particular pens or components?

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    Default Re: Little tweaks

    Find the right ink. Some pens 🖊 only write well with one particular ink, and with all other inks, are cranky unpleasant writers. Once you find that magical ink, stick with it.

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    Default Re: Little tweaks

    I occasionally strip down Lamy red converters to lubricate them in a similar way. Also, I lubricate my pen syringe as that gets a bit sticky and less smooth to operate after a while.
    Even with converters that can't be stripped down you can sometimes lubricate them by adding a tiny bit of silicone grease on the point of a cocktail stick.
    Regards, Chrissy | My Blog: inkyfountainpens

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