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Repair shops often marked their sacs to identify pens that they have repaired. I've considered doing this, but have found that the people I work for are quite honest, and I've rarely felt the need to do it myself.
Hello Ron and welcome to FPGeeks.
Thanks. I've had problems logging into Pentrace for some time now, regardless the OS or browser. I've all but given up, and want to have another point of contact with the pen community. I'm allergic to social media.
Hi Ron,

Just want to welcome you to FPGeeks also. I still am quite bummed that I couldn't make it to Ohio Pen Show, which, your workshop is one of the attractions this year.

I wonder why you are having an issue with Pentrace login, I've been posting there quite often and I don't see anything out of ordinary.
If you use ad-blocker extensions on your browser, maybe those have a specific issue with the Pentrace login? I know that with mine active (I use Ghostery), I can't see some photos posted here.

Anyways, looking forward to see your posts here.