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Thread: So Doc, you know how to put it back together?

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    Default So Doc, you know how to put it back together?

    Just having a bit of fun on this grey Tuesday.

    That photo is from the my pen restoration workbench, just spruced up to look like a movie poster

    The pen, is of course, the Parker Challenger, one of my all time favorite vintage pen. For those who has never seen the inside of a button filler, there they are.

    One of the best feeling as a restorer is when I ended up with a satisfying button filler. The one that doesn't have that "snagged" feeling when you pump the button which in turn pump the ink sac, which in turn fills the pen with ink. And this pen has that feeling.

    I guess it's time for a writing sample (or a sketch in my case).
    - Will
    Unique and restored vintage pens: Redeem Pens

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