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Thread: Manu Propria Pens - Kimono

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    Default Manu Propria Pens - Kimono

    I recently noticed that Bonham's offers a Dunhill Namiki Fountain Pen from the 1930's with an interesting "Kawarinuri" experimental Urushi lacquer. The description says rather amateurish that its Maki-e but it's a Kawarinuri.
    Maki-e is one of many techniques within the Urushi trade. Maki = Sprinkling, e = picture. Kawarinuri pens are rare to be found in Auctions.

    However, since my work is focussed on rediscovering old and developing new Urushi techniques I tried to recreate a copy.

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    Default Re: Manu Propria Pens - Kimono

    Very nice! Tis the season for candy canes!

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