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    Default Marlen Appreciation

    Any appreciation of the Marlen line? I have a great fondness for the Eclisse, despite its ungainly physiognomy. I know a lot of people point their fingers at the huge stepdown to the section, but I've never found it that uncomfortable. I remain fascinated by the off-center threading. My two are close-out acquisitions, so the opportunistic seller saw fit to remove the gold nibs and replace them with steel ones. The steel is stiff, but reasonably smooth -- not quite as smooth as the Stipula steel nibs, but a reasonable second. The Italians definitely have a handle on a good steel nib. Someday I'll replace them with gold. The resins are spectacular to my eyes. I have the Sombrero and Milky Way. Couldn't really pick between the two, although I would lean toward the Milky Way. They seem to be drying up (larf) on the aftermarket now and may be becoming a little rare. Sound off Marlen owners (especially Eclisse)!

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