I rediscovered a 20 or something years old pen which has received some hard handling, and could really need a new nib.
The original nib has taken a solid beating, and looks like it's cracked. The cracked "nib part" is not aligned in the same position as the other half, and if i bend it into position, it will bend back out of alignment when used.

The pen is marked "STYB design" and the nib has STYB ingraved, I have not found any other markings. I don't know anything about this pen, as I received it as a small child (which also explains the unfit handling.) It uses standard international cartridges.

STYB design small.png

Does anyone know if this nib can be replaced? And do you have any tip for a cheap eBay nib replacement to try in the pen? Or even a cheap eBay pen to purchase just to steal the nib from it?

I looks like the nib/feed part is perhaps held in place with the help of a small "dot" on the inside of the yellow plastic grip section. (Sorry for the bad explanation, English is my second language, and I don't know what to call it. Please see attached photo.)

back view.jpg
side view.jpg