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Thread: Rogue Comapny Directors

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    Default Rogue Comapny Directors

    Someone that I knew 10 years ago is due in Court today on a charge of Fraud, I think, and hope, that he will get a jail sentence.

    He is a classic con man, took thousands from me, faked my signature on documents, stole from his company and has been very bad news to everyone around him.

    He was banned from being a director of a company for 10 years expiring 2021, he has a County Court Judgement against him for not paying his debts and owes a lot of people a lot of money. For example, he chartered a plane from Emirates to fly from Liverpool to Istanbul, the cost of the charter was 38,000. He filled the plane with people, all football supporters, and charged them 750 each. He didnt pay Emirates.

    He continued to operate companies and put the business in the name of his wife (without telling her), all the businesses have been dissolved owing many thousands.

    The man is thoroughly dishonest, a corrupt man.

    I am waiting for the news from the Court, there are live reports on the net.

    Where the Law has failed the population is allowing a director of a failed company to simply and immediately restart without any requirement of clearing the money owing to the creditors.

    Back in the 1980s there was an airline company called Skytrain, owned by Freddie Laker, it went bankrupt in the mid 80s. Skytrain was still taking money for future flights on the morning of the day it went bankrupt, knowing that there was no prospect of delivering those flights. When asked if this was fair and proper, Freddie Laker said 'You cannot touch me, this a Limited Liability Company'. He was right but further improvements to the Companies Acts are still allowing rogue directors to behave with impunity.
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