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Thread: Penpal Letters: Makin' 'em Safe

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    Default Re: Penpal Letters: Makin' 'em Safe

    When facts are not available, you have to rely on a working hypothesis.
    "Nothing is enough for the man to whom enough is too little." -Epicurus-

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    Default Re: Penpal Letters: Makin' 'em Safe

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    Default Re: Penpal Letters: Makin' 'em Safe

    In my business I had the mantra of eliminate or transfer risks that you cannot control. The risk cannot be transferred and I cannot control the risk of contaminated material coming through the mail other than to wash my hands after reading it and then destroying it. If the objects are metal or plastic, other than pens, I am washing in hot soapy water or if that is not practical I would spray with surgical spirit.

    I dont do pen pal letters but if any were coming in from a high risk area, including London, then I would ask for handwritten letters to be scanned and emailed.

    I was talking to a friend over coffee this morning, I hadnt seem them for two weeks, we were amazed at the changes in society over the past 2 weeks.

    No sport, no motor racing, no concert, no events, queuing to buy food from empty shops, schools closing, cinemas and theatres closed, staff sent home from work - sometimes without pay - over 70s confirned to their homes, whole families kept at home when any member of the houshold has a cough without any certainty of whether they actually have the virus.

    The world is in turmoil.

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