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Thread: Visconti Divina Metropolitan green celluoid

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    Default Visconti Divina Metropolitan green celluoid

    Hi friends,
    I need an opinion......what should be best buy price for Visconti Divina Metropolitan green celluloid fountain pen with 23k Pd nib. It's a preowned pen but in mint condition. I am attaching pics of pen.

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    Default Re: Visconti Divina Metropolitan green celluoid

    Well I obviously don't know if my response is relevant at this point in time, but that is an excellent pen.

    I recently retailed a similar only in grey instead of green at approximately 895, and there certainly don't seem to be enough available in the market right now.

    However, mine was a new one, whereas yours is used, so I would expect a reduction of 40-50%.

    Hope you decided to buy/keep it.
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