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Thread: Donate a letter!

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    Default Donate a letter!

    I bought some Basildon Bond paper and saw the logo of this charity on the cover. They're asking people to write to patients with cancer i.e to donate a bit of a time and the cost of stamp to send a letter and some positive thoughts to people who may be isolated by their disease, low, unhappy or ill ( or all of the above). It seems like a simple but helpful thing to do. Please consider it.
    We all know that a letter is better than an email or text- here's achance to do something for others and for ourselves.
    Some days, it's hardly worth chewing through the leather straps....

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    Default Re: Donate a letter!

    From the last paragraph of that page (though we already know this):

    • Letters are rarely misinterpreted, unlike texts and e-mails. A letter can’t be rushed so the intent and voice are stronger.
    • Research shows that a routine of letter writing can increase levels of contentedness and lower instances of depression.
    • The reader has a choice about when to open your letter. It can lift a mood, provide comfort or be a special moment.
    • You can fill a letter full of positivity, unlike the other things that come through the letterbox – bills.
    • You can express emotions and feelings in letters that you might struggle to articulate face-to-face.
    • Letters don’t just exist on a screen, they have a place in your home, your coat pocket or your bag.
    • Holding a letter engages the senses of touch and smell – 2 senses excluded from the digital age.
    • Letters are a wonderful opportunity for reflection – for both the writer and the reader.
    • Letters create a legacy.

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