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Thread: Accountant nib

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    The best pen for an accountant is his ability to use Microsoft Office. I think so because all documentation is done in electronic format in all languages. It is much easier and also more convenient. For example, when I needed help from an accountant and I turned to, and absolutely all the data we had prepared in Excel, Word, etc.
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    I got into fountain pens mostly due to an old accountant pen. Bic I think, White w black cap, around 1972. I had never found a pen tip as narrow as that. I have always written small, have a light hand. It was an improvement but when I ran out of ink I knew my rationale would not get me another. Who would even listen to that back then? Pens always hurt my hand, ink was not dark enough. In 2012 I decided I'd had enough & had to look for something better, for me. After a lot of trial & error I found FPs, fit the bill in every way. As a fringe benefit I found many, many people willing to help me learn. I have appreciated this community more than any I've been involved with. Sorry, I did not mean to be so wordy, Just brought back memories.
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