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Thread: clogged section on a lovely mabie todd swan (novice repairer)

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    Default clogged section on a lovely mabie todd swan (novice repairer)

    Onward to my second repair job, a lovely lever filler Mabie Todd Swan 3150 which I am keen to get back into service.
    In my naivety/optimism I anticipated fitting a new ink sac and Bob’s your uncle…
    However, the section appears to be complete clogged up (see photo). This is so solid that I guess it must be the remnants of the deteriorated sac rather than just congealed ink. Any suggestions for getting this out, would it be worth soaking overnight? I have tried gently to pull the nib/feed out but they are stuck fast.
    Thanks very much for any advice.
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    Default Re: clogged section on a lovely mabie todd swan (novice repairer)

    That looks like it needs a soak in something as strong as Rapidoeze. If you don't have Rapidoeze then try soaking it in warm water plus a drop or two of washing up liquid overnight, and if you have an ultrasonic cleaner then give it a few whizzes in there to start with.
    Also, you won't be able to remove the nib and feed without a knock-out block and a rod. Unless it's absolutely vital, then don't bother to do it.
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    Default Re: clogged section on a lovely mabie todd swan (novice repairer)

    I wouldn't soak hard rubber. You'll just discolour it. I think if you go to work on that with something small and sharp - perhaps a large needle - you'll soon begin to shift it. I use dental picks for jobs like that. I agree about not removing the nib and feed unless there's good reason to do so.

    If you have to remove the nib don't try to pull it out, as Chrissy says. That's a good way to damage the nib and/or feed. If you intend to repair pens you need to get the tools:
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    Default Re: clogged section on a lovely mabie todd swan (novice repairer)

    I'd be inclined to try a very fine piece of wire - guitar string or something similar. See if you can run the wire into the feed channel at all, but don't force it. That should give you an idea as to whether you're dealing with a stubborn clog. You could also try to push water through by attaching a soldering bulb to the section nipple, but again - a truly stubborn clog will fight you. If you can't make any progress with the wire and bulb, then I'd consider two options - either a soak in an ultrasonic cleaner, or dry heat and knocking out the nib/feed.

    Of those two, my choice would be dry heat and knock the nib/feed out of the section. Then totally clean everything without soaking the section. You'll want a source of dry heat (like an embossing gun), a knock-out block, a small hobby hammer, and a properly sized flat-ended punch.

    Yes, knocking out is to be avoided if possible, but I think you go with it when you don't want to soak the part and the stubborn clog remains.


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