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Thread: Salvaging a fingernail nib

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    Default Salvaging a fingernail nib

    Pens with fingernail nibs look cool, but some designs concentrate stress at certain spots in the section. This old Sailor (pics here: ) from around 1970 is an example. It has long cracks on both sides of section starting from the corners, where the arrow is in this picture:

    Iím not hopeful solvent welding would last given that the cracks are so long. Iíd just replace the section maybe, but since other pens with similar design (e.g., MB Generation) crack in the same spot, thereís a high likelihood that a replacement part would end up cracking in the same spot. I donít even know the model name of this one.

    At any rate, this thing has a great nib that deserves use. Iím wondering whether anyone has been able to reuse a fingernail nib in a different pen. Any thoughts?

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    Default Re: Salvaging a fingernail nib

    I have an MB 221 that cracked at stress points. The nib is great. The design of the pen is crap. I replaced the section with nos and it has been fine for a couple years, then the part that holds the cartridge cracked apart. So I think the section only cracked due to too much pressure on the nib. Maybe a new section would hold up ok?


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