As it's looking like this awful pandemic will rage for quite some time, I was hoping that more groups would be keen - if they have the time and energy - to go live online. If nothing else, to maintain a sense of community in a time of crisis, small though this community may be.

Anyway, if this is happening in various places, where are the invites? There's been some talk of this recently, but even the Rome virtual show seems to have fizzled out. At least I've not had an invite for quite some time (which may mean something I guess, but would rather hope it didn't).

Having other groups online, even with limited invitational spaces available, would represent a great opportunity for those of us who are remote to interact directly with those of whom we often only have names. Personally I would love to have to chance to chat in real time with some of the experts. Even if it's just to say hi and thanks!

Maybe the online idea is dead in the water? Does anyone know more?