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Thread: FS: 12 Movie DVD Lot (3 from Criterion Collection)

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    Default FS: 12 Movie DVD Lot (3 from Criterion Collection)

    For sale is a lot of 12 dvds. All the discs are like new and played without issue. The case to Cutter's Way doesn't snap closed at the top. $70 including shipping in the USA.

    1. Cutter's Way (Jeff Bridges' reputation as a great actor is well-secured, but John Heard should be remembered for more than being the dad in Home Alone.)
    2. Barcelona (Whit Stillman's second film after the delightful Metropolitan. The rant against The Graduate was worth the price of admission. Commentary track with Stillman and actors Chris Eigeman and Taylor Nichols. Also features a making of documentary.)
    3. The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry (A strange film with the great George Sanders that shows what effect the old Hollywood/Hays code could have on a movie.)
    4. Kiss Me Deadly (Criterion Collection with a number of bonus features.)
    5. They Live By Night (Criterion Collection with commentary track and other bonus features.)
    6. The Player (2 disc Criterion Collection with commentary track and other bonus features.)
    7. The Great Escape (One of the great guy/popcorn movies. Features a documentary on the making of the film.)
    8. Working Girl
    9. Sleepless in Seattle (10th Anniversary Edition with commentary from Nora and Deliah Ephron and other bonus features.)
    10. The Shawshank Redemption
    11. Thelma & Louise (Commentary tracks with Ridley Scott, Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis. Plus, deleted scenes and alternate ending with director's commentary.)
    12. The Birds (Tippi Hedren's screen test and other bonus features.)

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