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Thread: PenBBS ordering during COVID

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    Default Re: PenBBS ordering during COVID

    Quote Originally Posted by A Smug Dill View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Yazeh View Post
    Personally I think the day of cheap fountain pens from China are over
    Hardly. Recently I picked up three HongDian 1850 (‘Black Forest’ and ‘Birch Forest’, but not the newer ‘Dark Blue Forest’) pens more cheaply than before from AliExpress. Three Kaigelu 316, too, at what I think are reasonable prices although I have no idea for how much the older iteration used to sell; and two Moonman 800.

    I also ordered two PenBBS 355 pens directly from Beini on Etsy, and they were delivered in about three weeks, which was pretty good by post these days.
    Good for you... The shipping to Canada takes so long that it's not worth it anymore....4 months is not worth it...

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    Default Re: PenBBS ordering during COVID

    Quote Originally Posted by NumberSix View Post
    My order changed to "Pre-transit" status on Etsy. That sounds encouraging.

    Just kidding. They're marked shipped, with EMS tracking numbers. 4 days from order to "shipped". Not too shabby.

    I placed two orders - will be interesting to see if they show up around the same time.

    Those of you who have used EMS: Can I use their tracking number in the USPS website, the way I have done before with Royal Mail and Canada Post? Presumably the EMS service just gets it across the ocean, and then they hand it to the USPS. If so, then US Customs is the bottleneck, in my COVID mail experience.

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    Default Re: PenBBS ordering during COVID

    NumberSix- Yes, for various fountain pens ordered from other countries, I've been sent tracking numbers from those non-US countries. I put the foreign tracking number in the USPS tracking box and found out, as I waited, what's going on with my fountain pen. As you or someone stated, when the pen arrives here in the US, the USPS uses the original tracking number assigned outside of the US.

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