New Vatican Handbook

I am just catching up on this from a couple of weeks ago. Are any of the rest of you wondering if you'll ever step in a Catholic church again? (some of you, of course, never have, and that is fine). I was married in one over 30 years ago, and had my first child baptized in one, but I have since moved away from that faith, and the revelations of systemic complicity in child abuse among Catholic priests in America and beyond has totally pushed me away, likely forever. My oldest son married last year, and I breathed a huge sigh of relief when they chose not to marry in a Catholic service, because I was going to have to make the hardest decision of my life in whether to participate. When my Catholic nieces and nephews marry, I will have this problem all over again. But not for a few years, likely.

I am also a teacher and I work with children, and legally we are not told just that we "should" tell local authorities, we are reminded every year by our lawyers that we are legally obligated to report and liable for damages, both specific and general, if we do not. How is it possible that the Vatican would advise any standard less stringent than that of a teacher or school worker?