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Thread: Ignore: Gutted...I don't understand this. Everythings gone backwards...

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    Default Re: Ignore: Issue resolved...I'm a noob newbie

    Quote Originally Posted by azkid View Post
    I think 1900s pens would be hard rubber.
    The early pens were hard rubber. The first celluloid pens were introduced around 1926 by Sheaffer, with Parker close behind. It shook up the pen industry because the material was less brittle, and it came in colors. Waterman was rather slow in catching up by comparison. They had the ripple hard rubber pens, but it was a while before they moved to celluloid.

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    Default Re: Ignore: Gutted...I don't understand this. Everythings gone backwards...

    Quote Originally Posted by FredRydr View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Detman101 View Post
    I, honestly, don't have the stamina to find "The Vintage Pen" on ebay. I also have a spending ungodly amounts of money on something as innocuous as a pen is outlawed pretty much....
    In the past several months, Ray has posted on the FPGeeks classifieds very reasonably-priced late '30s Balances, as have I. Keep your eyes on the listings, though it is true that in 2020, modern pens seem to have filled the bulk of the ads there. Check out penwash's website for more nice writers from the '30s.
    I absolutely will, Thank you!!
    I'm in the market for an ebonite vintage pen in October now that I have all my flex pens upgraded and good to go.
    If I don't find one in october, I'll roll those funds into november and on and on...


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