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Thread: 30 Blue Inks Reviewed

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    If you have not started the testing yet, take a look at a Morriset pen/nib.

    It is a dip pen with a glass feed. Because the feed is glass, you can see the amount of ink that the nib is holding and when it is going dry. The feed holds the ink so it does not run dry as fast as a dip pen. In fact I normally dip the pen in just part way and can get a whole page of writing. Comparing with the same ink out of a fountain pen, the ink line from the Morriset looks just like a fountain pen ink line, not the extra wet ink line from a glass pen.

    To clean the nib, I just swish it in a small cup of water and blot it dry.

    Or for even shorter testing, try a fountain pen nib in a nib holder.
    You are limited to the ink that the nib can hold in the slit of the nib, then you have to dip again.
    This should give you a similar ink line to what you get out of a fountain pen.
    That is my next thing to add to my ink testing setup.

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    Default Re: 30 Blue Inks Reviewed

    completed anytime soon?


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