Just some feedback for the community at large to avoid any experience like the one i have had.

I placed an order for two notebooks with them. Received only one in the package. When asked about the other notebook, they keep insisting that they have sent two.

I Corresponded with the owner himself who completely washed his hands off and refused to take any ownership of the matter. He insists that because his stock counts are correct - he has sent two. One would believe that the liability at the couriers end will reside with the supplier but clearly, Nikhil (the owner) has other views.

Effectively, he is stealing the money paid to him by not setting this right via a refund or replacement.

Please beware. Its not a matter of $20 but it is definitely a matter of principle and ownership of your supply chain.

I have never seen this kind of stuff happen, especially from a reasonably large retailer with brick and mortar presence.

Maybe he needs the money really badly.