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Please don't try to adjust it by sticking anything up the hood. You will be more likely to break the point off the hood or the hood itself than do anything else.
If it was my pen I would return it to whoever adjusted it and say it's flow still isn't right.

This is the most logical solution. You can keep messing with the pen, but this is how pens break. I have a Parker 75 silver cisele that had an EF nib that was stopping ink flow consisently, and I used a brass shim from a restorer's site. It unstuck it until the day when the tipping came off of one tine. New nib, $50. Send your pen back.
Been a while since I responded to this thread. I was able to fix the flow problems without too much trouble. Brass shim overnight in the nib (having taken out the nib entirely) and heating and slight pinching of the hood to allow adequate flow. Works pretty well now.