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Thread: WHSmiths A5 refills

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    Default WHSmiths A5 refills

    I bought some WHSmiths refill paper today. I was looking for some cheap paper for drafting. It comes in three varities - plain, wide lined and narrow lined. They are all 70gsm and cost 2.99 for 200 sheets. (I got 3 for the price of 2).

    So far I have found the paper perfectly adequate for dry inks and pens so far. My P51 lays down a nice line with Quink, the Platinum, MB & Visconti inks work well enough, this is some bleed in spots, but it is not partiularly dramatic.

    With Waterman tender purple (probably one of the wettest inks I have) there's not much feathering, but a lot of bleed - so much so that I can only use the paper one sided, as there is a danger that the bleed will render the writing on the opposite side of the page illegible.

    In conclusion - a perfectly adequate, cheap paper for dry inks and not particularly wet pens. Excellent for drafting before you type up the notes on a pc.

    Not partucularly good for wet inks, wet inks or broad nibs that lay down a lot of inks.

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