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Thread: FC - excellent buying experience

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    Default FC - excellent buying experience

    Those who read the "what pen is in the mail" type threads will know that I recently bought a pen from Franklin Christoph.

    First up, I will admit that this was not my first choice with regard to model or material, but a pretty good second choice nonetheless. Anyway, I managed to grab a model 31 "Omnis" in black and olive, and was lucky enough to add one of the limited edition orange and black leather 3 pen cases.

    The order went in right before a weekend and FC informed me promptly that shipping would not occur until the following Monday, which is indeed what happened.

    What amazes me with FC is the simplicity of the packaging and the rapidity of getting it all to a customer half way round the world. Using FedEx is a real plus. Estimated time of arrival was one week later, but the package actually arrived in 5 days (four days country to country, and one day in NZ). Tracking was provided of course, though hardly needed.

    Due to recent family events I was absent from home when it arrived, so it was a nice surprise on my return.

    Fast, efficient, communicative. FC are about as good as it gets for their customer service in this regard.

    I'll post a quick review of the pen when I get time (so little of that at the moment).

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    Default Re: FC - excellent buying experience

    Wow, that is quick!

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    Default Re: FC - excellent buying experience

    I have bought several pens from Franklin-Christoph and simply cannot sing their praises high enough! Not only do they make a quality product (and, OMG, the nib choices!!), but their customer service is beyond excellent. Responsive, respectful, and truly personable. I always feel like I'm talking to a real person there who is more than willing to listen to me and help answer questions or resolve any issues that may arise. And ditto on the super fast, efficient shipping!

    So happy that you, too, had a great experience!

    BTW, the first pen I bought from them was the Omnis 31; mine has a a gold cap. It's one of my favorites -- hopefully you'll enjoy yours just as much!

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    Default Re: FC - excellent buying experience

    Another +1 for F-C from me, they definitely know how to keep both their business and customer service uncomplicated.


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