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I want to want a Franklin Christoph pen. I hear good things about them and their block threads on the front of the section are visually appealing. If I ever go to a pen show where I can see the models in person then I will almost certainly get one.

But I have never held an FC pen in hand so buying one would be a leap of faith. Most of my pens have been a leap of faith, but I cannot muster that for FC. The big problem that I have with making that leap of faith is that their website makes it so darned hard to understand what I'm choosing from, the website is frustratingly tedious to navigate, and the photographs are quite uninspiring. I'm interested in getting one of their "antique glass" acrylics as they look cool, but they are made in small quantities and after trying a few times at their lottery or whatever they call it I've stopped as it's just one more bit of fruitless tedium.
They just had an antique glass in their “show room” and by the time I got it into my cart and watch a youtube video on the particular model she was a goner.

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