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Thread: Ink Review: Scribe Garnet

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    Default Ink Review: Scribe Garnet

    With many grateful thanks to junglejim I was able to do some testing on some of the Scribe inks before they went on general sale.

    Sadly I don't have any Parker Penman Ruby to compare with Scribe Garnet with but it's a fairly dark purplish red ink that can exhibit some green sheen with the right pen and paper.

    I really enjoyed writing with Garnet ink in my Parker Sonnet (18ct M nib.) It's actually not a particularly saturated ink and had no start-up problems, no skipping, no ink starvation issues. Flow and lubrication were both very good.
    After a few days it became more saturated and concentrated inside the pen and that's when I could see the sheen.
    It didn't show through much on my Tomoe River paper and I could have written on the reverse if I wanted to. Dry time is fairly long but that's true for many inks on TR paper.

    I didn't have a problem cleaning it out of my pen nor cleaning it off of my fingers. A really nice ink.

    Scribe Garnet.jpegScribe Garnet 1.jpegDark reds.jpg
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    Default Re: Ink Review: Scribe Garnet

    Nice colour Chrissy

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    Default Re: Ink Review: Scribe Garnet

    Junglejim also kindly sent me some samples.

    Thanks Jim

    I really like Scribe Garnet, the color is great and it shades really good, it also behaves without any flaw.
    A really good writing ink, for sure a recommendation worth.

    It has also some water resistance (but not too much, just the right amount of it) which makes it a really good drawing ink as well.

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