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Thread: Montblanc 342 with a damaged Monte Rosa nib

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    Default Montblanc 342 with a damaged Monte Rosa nib

    I posted about my grandad's Parker pen before Christmas and got some great answers on this forum! So when I was able to buy a worn and somewhat damaged Montblanc 342 for a pittance from a friend I jumped at the chance. I have some questions about it though, that I thought that you experts here might be able to help me with.

    First, here are some pictures:
    Album on Google Photos

    I have a number of questions about this particular pen that I hope you can answer!

    First of all, the nib says Monte Rosa, which I've learned from googling, is a completely different pen from the 342 that the cap band inscription says it is. The rest of the body has no markings whatsoever. I am not skilled enough to see any differences between a Monte Rosa body and 342 body from the shape. How can I tell whether someone has fitted a Monte Rosa nib on a 342 body, or if it's the wrong cap on the pen? The cap screws on perfectly btw.

    The 342 cap has what looks like a small drilled hole about half-way up. Is this supposed to be there?

    The nib is damaged. It has a small indentation on the left hand side (when holding the pen with the nib upwards and the front towards you). I don't think this is more than cosmetic damage. The tines are bent as well, slightly to the left as if pressed too hard when writing. Is this fixable, or should I get looking for a new (but still old) nib? The pump mechanism works beautifully, but using the pen feels more like scratching the paper with a needle than a nice writing experience.

    Finally, is there any way to date this pen other than "the 1950s"?

    And to be clear, I didn't scam my friend or anything. He is fully aware of what a Montblanc pen is!

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    Default Re: Montblanc 342 with a damaged Monte Rosa nib

    First the hole. Absolutely normal and essential.

    Second, the 342 and MonteRosa lines were student pens, entry level pens primarily low cost and meant to be rugged.

    Next, at the time pen bodies and nibs were sometimes shipped to dealers separately so the dealer could install whatever nib the buyer wanted. Look closely at the filler knob and there may be some markings that will tell you what type nib was shipped with that body originally.

    Finally, flexible nibs were one of the options available at the time but there is no way to tell from the pictures if it has a flexible nib.

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    Default Re: Montblanc 342 with a damaged Monte Rosa nib

    Quote Originally Posted by Frederyck View Post
    The tines are bent as well, slightly to the left as if pressed too hard when writing.
    Congratulations, it's a nice pen.

    Yes, looks like it has been pressed down too hard.
    As well as any bend, the nib has come away from the feed, there shouldn't be a gap between them.

    Sometimes, you can rectify this yourself - or, at least improve it sufficiently to write with.
    Be gentle, turn it upside down, so that the nib is flat on the paper, and press slightly on it. Small movements, light pressure and check it after each attempt. I normally press on the flat part of feed - your fingers will get inky, but holding the barrel can put too much pressure on the nib and feed.
    If nothing happens, then leave it - it might be 'sprung' and you would need professional help for that one - but sometimes you can get it straight again.

    Simple advice is, if you don't feel comfortable doing this, don't do it - and if you do, do it gently.

    Good luck.


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