Hi all! Another catch-and-release up today. Pics, verification, and cheeky writing sample video here: http://imgur.com/a/bsVk64U.

Listing my almost brand-new Franklin-Christoph Model 45 in their "blue Stonewashed" acrylic and sporting a 1.4mm stub nib. I've had this for about 2 days and it came brand new from FC; it's another case of me thinking I'd like the material much more than I actually do. That said, it IS super pretty and is unique among their current stock, it's just not quite for me.

The stub nib is most excellent and writes a medium-wet and very consistent line. The pen will ship with box, papers, and leather FC pen sleeve.

For the whole kit and CONUS shipping, I'm asking $90 OBO.

As ever, message me with questions, offers, and puns. Happy writing and stay safe/sane y'all.

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