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Thread: What can you use to make a pressure bar

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    Default What can you use to make a pressure bar

    Is there anything you can use to make your own pressure bars? Aluminum? Brass? this: What gauge wire? Thanks in advance.
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    Default Re: What can you use to make a pressure bar

    The cheap pressure bars are one piece with a ridge stamped down the middle. The good ones have a flat spring, and then a shallow U-channel as the actual pressure bar. The spring itself is best with phosphor bronze or spring steel.

    When I was first starting to repair pens, I used to repair the old pressure bars using the original channel, and a new spring. Once the reproduction replacements became readily available, I quit repairing them or making them, and have never looked back. You invest waste a heck of a lot of time to save 5 bucks.

    Dale Beebe at has quite a selection of sizes and types available.

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