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Thread: Ebonite vs. Acrylic Resin in Santini pens

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    Default Re: Ebonite vs. Acrylic Resin in Santini pens

    Quote Originally Posted by Zephyr259 View Post
    How's the Santini after 5 months? I got the same pen and nib as you but in the bronze mid 2020 and it's probably my favourite pen, definitely top 3. Mine's very wet for a fine, maybe due to the bounce of the flexy nib so the line is maybe more of a medium at times but that's ok. I don't feel it flexes much but it's definitely soft and bouncy.
    I like this pen (Libra Cumberland Gold) very much and use it whenever I can. I can't say it's my favorite because I like every one of my 10 pens in rotation. Each has its own personality and is different than the others. The Santini definitely looks different than the others.

    The F flexy nib is a little bit disappointing. With very little pressure, the stroke seems more like a Medium than a Fine. Also, it doesn't spring back from flex very quickly. Otherwise, I love this pen. As Zephyr259 says, the nib feels soft and bouncy. The size of the pen is perfect.
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    Default Re: Ebonite vs. Acrylic Resin in Santini pens

    This may be a somewhat odd place to put it, but after reading about these pens for a few months I decided to get serious about the Cumberland/bronze model, only to find out (and confirm with Katrina) that the run of 33 pens is sold out.

    So if anyone has a Libra Cumberland in bronze/rose gold that isn't making them happy, let me know.
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