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Thread: Green Marbled '30s Swan Self-filler

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    Default Green Marbled '30s Swan Self-filler

    Neither so rare nor as spectacular as some of the Swans I have posted previously, this pen was available for most of the thirties decade, only going out of production just before World War II.

    There isn't a great deal to say about it. By intention or not, the pen would fit inconspicuously in a uniform jacket.

    The attention to detail is always there in Mabie Todd pens. The white-infilled Swan will always be at the corner of your eye if you post your pens.

    The beautifully inscribed No 2 nib can provide considerable line variation with only slight pressure.

    This pen is perhaps a workhorse, but it is a workhorse with a very fine pedigree!

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    Default Re: Green Marbled '30s Swan Self-filler

    Truly lovely eachan, thanks

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