In case anyone is still looking for a fix for the Lamy Safari clip; I was able to fix mine. Basically what I did was the following.

1. Jammed a ballpoint pen into the Innercap and with a rocking motion pulled out the inner cap.
2. With the inner cap out, the plastic Jewel on the top of the cap is loose and wobbly, I pushed it out of the cap from the inside with the same ballpoint pen.
3. The clip is worked into the side of the Cap though a couple of holes, you can work one side out of the cap and then the other.
4. You will see that the clip actually wraps around the joint of the inner rubber cap and the jewel and is trapped in the cap by them.
5. Gently bend the portion of the clip that wraps around the joint down and then test fit it into the cap.
6. Trial and Error will yeild the correct amount of bending the clip to provide pressure.
7. Once you are happy, place the clip back into the holes and run the inner clip almost all the way back into place, you will have to play with the placment of the clip in order for the rubber inner cap to clear so the jewel can mate back with it.
8. Once the rubber cap is in place, press the jewel back down into the hole, it should seat properly, if not try rotating the jewel with a coin while pressing the inner cap up with the end of a ballpoint (blunt end).
9. All set!

Sorry for the lengthy post. This is probably along the same lines of the FPN post mentioned before but I just did this on my own to see if I could