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A remarkable piece of artwork, with a deeply personal meaning behind it. Don't forget, not all can *afford* these kind of projects, as well, so your good fortune also shows in that regard. I've seen his pieces both in person and in photos and it is always stunning, and I've met him at the LA pen show. As nice a person as his artistry is strong. Congratulations and thanks for sharing.
Thanks, Jon,

I know about the affordability. But we have worked hard for decades and so splurging occasionally is totally OK for us. Whether it is a trip to overseas or a nice FP or some other passion. To us, money is not just to be saved, but used to acquire memories.

I proposed to my wife at the Alamo. Sitting together on the southwest lawn under this huge live oak tree that I can still take her to, I will never forget her expression or her response. When I received the pen yesterday, I handed it to her and she took a look at it and her voice cracked a little when she spoke. She saw the live oak that I had Mr. Kullock engrave on his engraving/cut of the Alamo and that seemed to be enough. Mission accomplished!

I remember the day I proposed I told her prior to visiting the Alamo that morning.... "Today, another man will fall at the Alamo"! She didn't understand at that moment and questioned me all the way there. "Is there a reenactment battle going on? Is there some kind of fair"? Of course, she did understand afterward.

And today, I am still a fallen man...
Good for you and I suspect that luck was also involved. Many folks work had for decades, make little and barely survive.

We are finally discovering the true story of the Alamo, but for you it was a special day. Beautiful pen and enjoy.