If I don't mention any information that will help here, just ask and I'll provide everything I know.

First off, Noodler's tripletail flex pen with Birmingham Co. Ultramarine ink 80% Diluted. Pen, using compatible 308 cartridge, completely filled, pre-heatset, was vomiting ink onto my Rhodia notepad. Ink and cartridge removed, swapped for the filler that comes with the pen, still vomiting ink.
After heat setting pen, refilled and tested with both the 308 cartridge and the filler it came with, now 0-5% inkflow. Not a clue what is wrong now, so anything helps here.

Any advice helps, this is my first noodlers, and if I'm being honest, my last as well.

Tried to post pictures of the "pen" here, but photo uploader is not working at all. so.