For sale is a Lamy 2000 four color ballpoint pen in makrolon and stainless steel. The pen contains black, blue, red and green refills. The pen was used lightly and has no more than micro signs of use. It takes Lamy's D1 sized M21 refills. All four refills inside the pen write, but I'm not certain how much use is left in them. The pen will come with three extra refills: black, red and green. They are all writing and haven't been used except to test. I will ship the pen and refills in a standard Lamy box. $43, including shipping in the USA. I will accept PayPal or check/money order. If you are interested, please send me a private message. Thank you.

2000 4bp 1a.JPG2000 4bp 2b.JPG2000 4bp 3b.JPG2000 4bp 4a.JPG