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After receiving a terribly curt message on Monday telling me my account had been removed and I could never have another account on Flickr or Smugmug. Adding that I couldn't ask why because I wouldn't be given any reason or more information.
I sent a message asking what on earth did they think I had done so terribly wrong and asking if my account had been hijacked.

Today I received a reply: It looks like during one of our recent attempts to combat spam and advertisers on the site, your account was inadvertently caught up in one of our searches.
I restored your account and was unable to find a specific reason that would have deemed it to be spam related.

It's a shame it cost me a couple of sleepless nights and many hours updating my blog.
Chrissy, I'm sorry you have to go through that.

Do you have the Pro account? If yes, maybe ask them to give you some discount for their oversight?
Thank you for your comments Will. Sadly, not as sorry as I am. I don't have a Pro account although I've been a "trusted" member since 2002 and I was always Pro during the time Yahoo owned it because they owned BT until Smugmug bought it out. But I've never paid. As they are giving it to me for free, I can't really complain.