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Thread: Ghorsmühle 100 gr/M2 primium paper with watermark.

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    Default Ghorsmühle 100 gr/M2 primium paper with watermark.

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    Default Re: Ghorsmühle 100 gr/M2 primium paper with watermark.

    I spent 3-4 years dithering with some 12 or so Gmund papers before picking Blanc-Beige 170g, at E-40 for 100 sheets. The Blanc-Geige 120g had tested a hair better; but at the last second I pushed the button for the heavier paper. (At that price I dithered a long time.)
    There are other nice 100-120 or 150 g papers of close to this sort.
    I had scribbled on those papers every time I put in a new ink....including a 14 green-greenish ink test. Not the least bit scientifically, some papers got inked less and less so were the losers.
    There were at least 4 real good papers, including surprisingly a 100g and I'd expected the 150g to do well, but not that the 120g would be the winner.

    I found a the Original Gmund which was twice as expensive E -40 for 50 sheets not to be as good as others.

    Then extra sheets besides the two free ones of a sample pack cost E-0.84.

    Do ask for a list of fountain pen friendly you do not want to get Art Papers which are not fountain pen friendly by any paper maker.
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