- Very Reliable Nib
- An Excellent Cap
- Pen doesn’t dry up even after months due to Sip & Seal Feature!
- Sturdy body
- Well Balanced
- Cap opens up in less than 1 rotation


-Nib looks similar to as on Preppy but not identical
- Section area is of different material & looks cheap than rest of pen.
-Doesn’t come with converter, you have to buy it separately.
-Threading inside the cap creates the possibility of scraping and blemishing the metal finish at the end of the pen
-Seam on the section isn’t polished
- Many users have complained about coating coming off or scratching very easily (I personally didn’t faced this issue)

Things you should know-

• Body Material – Aluminum
• Cap Type – Screw Type
• Filling Mechanism- Cartridge, Converter
• Grip Material- Resin
• Nib Color – Silver (Same as preppy)
• Postable – Yes
• Trim – Silver
• Diameter (body) – 12.9mm (0.5in)
•Diameter (cap with clip) – 17.5mm (0.7in)
• Diameter (cap without clip) – 14.2mm (0.6in)
•Diameter (grip) – 10mm (0.4in)
•Length (body) – 118.6mm (4.7in)
•Length (cap) – 65.3mm (2.6in)
•Length (nib) – 17.8mm (0.7in)
•Length (overall closed) – 139.4mm (5.5in)
•Length (overall posted) – 154.6mm (6.1in)
•Weight(body) – 13g
•Weight (cap) – 10g
•Weight (overall) – 23g
•Cartridge ink capacity- 1.3 ml
• Converter ink capacity – 0.8 ml (sold separately)

This pen comes in five colours called Deap see, Porcelain white, Turquoise blue, Persimmon orange and Citrus yellow.

Packing-*Bad*, The pen comes in large plastic clamshell box. The box is very big & still they haven’t put the converter in it. The converter is sold separately priced at $10. This is unjustified for pen of this price segment as most of pens come with converter in this price segment.

Build Quality & Construction-*Good*, The pen is solid pen with minimalistic branding, just under the cap. It is made from Lacquered Aluminum and The matte finish also looks nice. The nib is exactly same as of Preppy with no designing at all. Rectangular metal*threads on*both the grip and the body make a sturdy & long-lasting impression. The pen also has*sip & seal feature*due to which pen don’t dry even if kept lying for long time.When posted, the Threading inside the cap creates the possibility of scraping and blemishing the metal finish at the end of the pen. Also the material of which section is made looks cheap than rest of pen.

Nib & Writing Experience-*Great*,The nib as mentioned earlier is almost same as Platinum Preppy, the nib feels similar but isn't exactly identical. The nib has minimalistic designing with only platinum logo & nib size engraved on it. The feed is able to draw ink from a hole below the nib at about half of the nib’s length. This allows you to more easily fill your pen and use up bottled ink because to don’t need to insert the entire nib into ink. This makes cleaning easier. But again, you will have to buy the converter sold separately. The*nib is very smooth & stiff.*The nib has very little feedback & flow is moderate. Reverse writing is also possible.

Conclusion- Okay- Okay ,This pen retails around $60. It is a nice & well made pen. But I feel it’s bit overpriced.You have to spend another $10 on converter to use this pen which takes value to $70 which I believe is just too much for this pen. If you are able to find it in sale around $40-45 then you should buy it as it’s a reliable & well made every day carry pen.

Their are other good pens in price lower than this like Faber Castell Loom & Eco. And if you can exceed budget by $10-15, you will get a OPUS 88 during sales.

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