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    I already wrote this on Otto Hutt 05: I don't love fountain pens. I use them.
    I love - very difficult anyway - living beings, but not dead fountain pens.
    Fountain pens are tools for me, not toys. I do not collect.
    That's why, for me, where the paper is, there is also the writing instrument. And that's why the pen loop is the most important criterion when choosing a fountain pen: it has to fit in there.


    I searched for a long time to find the right fountain pen for this pen loop: Tight fit, but not too tight. The Waldmann Voyager does the trick: 11.6 mm body diameter. That's an excellent fit!
    It has an extremely smooth 2-start thread, which fixes the cap with 1.3 turns.
    What is very good is that the body is smooth throughout. No step, no edge impedes sliding into the loop. And thank God it lacks a clip! The fountain pen is silver, so it's not too heavy (33.6 g).


    Otherwise, the Waldmann does what every good fountain pen does: it writes.
    That's all it has to do. I couldn't care less about all the fuss that is usually made about fountain pens. I even write with a pencil occasionally. Most of the time, however, I don't write at all, but only think and then forget what I have just thought. New thoughts come all the time. But not always. A residue of tormenting thoughts remains.


    When I'm outside - and usually I am outside, because the world is where I'm not - I need a pleasant writing instrument for neat notations. So a fountain pen. A short fountain pen. Something practical.


    This Waldmann Voyager is neither better nor worse than, say, these Kawecos.
    It's just that none of these Kawecos fit in this pen loop. Two don't even go in, and the third keeps falling out. The Waldmann holds. That's wonderful!
    In a world where everything is constantly being pushed back and forth, where the word 'new' has become a grotesque fetish, something stays in place.
    That has become so rare.
    Yes, it's completely crazy: you start adding a fountain pen to the list of constants in your life. A fountain pen! Totally gaga!


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